Bullion Coin: XBC


Bullion Coins Enable A Standard Day To Day Functional, Transactional, Digital Currency Piece To Complement The Bullion Troy Grain (BTG) Parent Currency.

Bullion Troy Grains serve as the utility currency tool for entity to entity (Governments, Treasuries, Banks, Businesses, and Individuals) transacting together.

Essentially, in example Bullion Troy Grain (BTG) is your Treasury or Savings Account, and Bullion Coin (XBC) is your Digital Cash or Checking Account.

XBC Has Migrated To TRON TRX’s Blockchain.

***XBC Digital Currency Coins are standard at an 18 Decimal Rate. What does this serve to define?

As the valuation of BCs begin to rise from a constant circulating supply and demand bringing the store valuation higher per each BC over time in success, the 18 decimal rate allows fractional amounts of these digital currencies to still easily function finite value to even the 18th decimal place.

This 18 decimal rating will always serve to keep the proper store of valuation easily able to function, while circulating throughout all transactional needs globally.

Bullion Coin (XBC) Wallet Address:
Participate and Obtain Bullion Coin (XBC) With TRON TRX Here:


Send TRON TRX direct to our treasury wallet address. In return receive XBC’s direct to your encrypted personal wallet secured on the Blockchain.
Simply follow up through our “contact us” form page to confirm your transaction. We typically respond ASAP or within the hour with a receipt of transaction in return correspondence.
Please also check out supporting cryptocurrency trading exchanges to directly buy and sell Bullion Coins, ticker code: XBC, on the open marketplaces.