Apothecaries Dram: XAD

Apothecaries Dram is the go to digital currency, supporting the medicinal marketplace of business to business transaction payments.

These blockchain protected payments through XAD Coin mean to cover physical alternative, holistic, pharmaceutical drugs and medicines. Drug companies, pharmacies, even holistic and alternative care centers and sole proprietor businesses selling and moving these physical licensed medicines and care provisions utilize Apothecary Dram Coins as the Point Of Sale currency day to day globally.

***XAD Digital Currency Coins are now standard at an 18 Decimal Rate. What does this serve to define?

XAD over time in success, the 18 decimal rate allows fractional amounts of these digital currencies to still easily function finite value to even the 18th decimal place.

This 18 decimal rating will always serve to keep the proper store of valuation easily able to function, while circulating throughout all transactional needs globally.

More Information Will Release When This Cryptocurrency Type Is Fully Coded And Ready For Release.

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